The DIVEVOLK team is a group of people who never compromise, and stick to their dreams. We are committed to the research and development of intelligent equipment for underwater communication, interconnection, and interaction, providing brand new experiences for global diving and water sports enthusiasts, and continuously improving underwater safety.

In order to realize our vision and bring the dreams come true, the first generation of mobile intelligent control terminal, the DIVEVOLK team members had been through more than 700 days and nights, experimenting with more than 100 combinations of materials and technical processes. The original SeaTouch series of underwater full touch screen smartphone housing, SeaHear high-fidelity underwater earphones, and SeaLight synchronized flashing lights had realized as the first step in this vision. At the same time, continuous R&D and innovation work has enabled DIVEVOLK to obtain nearly 40 patents worldwide. In the future, a rich underwater intelligent eco- system for communication, interconnection and interaction will be fulfilled.

Distinquished from other smartphone housings, the SeaTouch 4 MAX has no limit to operate the smartphone for photography and videography. Easily switch from Ultra-wide lens, Wide lens to Tele-photo lens just by simply slide on the screen. You can not only select the focus by touchscreen when taking a photo, adjust the exposure manually, but also access to all modes of the phone camera, Panorama, Slow-motion. Timelapese, 4K videos, live photo, etc.

Films, music or even aames could be brought down to the water by the underwater full touchscreen SeaTouch 4 MAX.

It might change the way of how you dive. The decompression time would be no more boring.