DIVEVOLK® is a high-tech enterprises who designs,manufactures and provides innovative underwater intelligence and safety related device, systems, services and platforms. With our own R & D center, a number of domestic and international patents have been obtained. The brand "DIVEVOLK®" is currently registered in the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, the European Union (28 countries) and China.

The company is committed to providing customers with brand new underwater experience, come up with an ingenious wearable intelligent diving assistant system. The system is based on the powerful Smartphone hardware platform, combined with self-developed software app, bringing a brand new experience to divers.

The company attaches great importance to patent applications and intellectual property protection, and has been certified by the intellectual property management system.

Our Vision: Becoming one of the most innovative companies who are committed to bring brand new underwater experience.

Our Mission: Bringing more fun and safety to divers and water enthusiasts through a multi-functional human-computer interactive device, as well as allowing more people to fall in love with diving.

Our Core Values:

Innovation, Focus and Promise