DIVEVOLK started Crowd-funding: Bring the Iphone into sea, open the Age of Underwater Intelligence!



The DEMA exhibition, held in Las Vegas from November 14 to 17, 2018, is the largest professional event in the diving world. In line with the Global Sales Promotion Program, DIVEVOLK, along with its upcoming new products, also logs on Indiegogo, a crowdsourcing platform, and logs on to the crowdsourcing website for details:

The main purpose of the Crowd-funding is to publicize the products that will be launched in the middle of next year. At the same time, a very small number of spot products  at very low prices to give back to our friends who have been paying attention to us in the early stage. Don't miss this opportunity ! There is only one week to go before the crowdsourcing, which will end on December 23, 2018. After the crowdsourcing, the product will be officially marketed and returned to its original price.

DIVEVOLK Diving Assistant, consisting of a full touch-screen iPhone underwater case, a diving headset and a wireless controlled synchronous flash, is the world's first design that is the most convenient and lightweight, allowing you to use all mobile phone functions underwater, using products up to 50 meters/164 feet deep. DIVEVOLK makes it as convenient for you to use your mobile phone underwater as it is for you to use it on land! It establishes an open underwater intelligent hardware platform, and can be used as the control terminal of other diving equipment, bringing safety, entertainment and convenience to divers!