DRT SHOW, the largest and largest visitor in Asia, came to Shanghai at the Expo exhibition hall during the 6 to 8 April in 2018. It has 960 exhibitors from 50 countries, as well as more than 90000 visitors from 65 countries each year. The exhibition line-up is very powerful, besides the five major tourist bureaus, there are also teaching systems and many equipment brands, etc., DIVEVOLK also took part in the exhibition and received great attention from the participants.

Customers coming to the exhibition site are in an endless stream, passing customers show great interest in products, and stop to learn more about products.

The staff show and display the products with warm care to the customers from both home and abroad, explain the usage and follow-up sales plan and other customers' concerns.

DIVEVOLK’s products have also deeply attracted the eyeballs of international Miss Scuba. After communicating with the staff to understand the products fully, they are excited about the launch of the products, and participate the registration of the advance sale.