DIVEVOLK Attended U.S. DEMA Show in Nov. 2020


From November 13th to November 16th, 2019,U.S. time, DEMA SHOW, the world's largest and most professional diving equipment exhibition, was held at the Orlando Convention Center. This was the third time that DIVEVOLK had participated in the DEMA dive show, and it was also the most successful one.

This time DIVEVOLK has made sufficient preparations for the DEMA show, bringing the SeaTouch 2, SeaTouch 3 series products, and a series of underwater photography accessories. Our new products constantly attracted a lot of visitors to the booth.

The swimming pool demostration was one of the highlights of the DEMA show. There was a heated swimming pool in the DEMA exhibition hall for exhibitors to display products, as well as for the interested visitors to try the products.

DIVEVOLK performed the pool display from 3:00- 3:45 p.m. on the 14th and 15th respectively, during which we showed visitors the products’ real condition underwater and provided on-site experience and consulting services. The pool display mainly showed the use of various functions of the mobile phone for underwater photography, such as touch-screen focusing, the use of third-party photography apps, and the use of sliding screen to adjust the exposure for shooting black background photos. Besides, we also showed  underwater texting, playing music, videos and so on. This unprecedented experience in the diving industry has also attracted visitors to DIVEVOLK's booth for on-site consultation.

Most visitors had recognized DIVEVOLK's new products as a revolutionary breakthrough of smartphone housing, it has released the powerful functions of smartphones, and could provided divers with a better underwater  experience. The visitors expressed great anticipation to new attempts, such as turning on the phone's different cameras and using various apps to create special effects underwater. Additionally, the products’ eco-friendly and sustainable adapter-block design has also been highly thought of -- If the user changes the mobile phone in the future, they don’t need to replace the housing, just buy another adapter for the new phone. 

The DEMA show is also a good place catching up with the old friends. We have met lots of our old friends such as Martin, and got new friends acquaintance such as Peter and Christain. It was a great time in DEMA, and we are looking forward to the next time.