DIVEVOLK ignited the Hong Kong DRT Show


Because of the social events, the hall of the DRT Hong Kong was smaller than before, and some exhibitors was absent. However, DIVEVOLK team were even more energetic, they had arrived early.

The innovative decoration of DIVEVOLK’s booth featured a SeaTouch Family with big and small SeaTouch Housing.

The number of visitors at the exhibition was more than expected, and there were also a large number of visitors at DIVEVOLK’s booth. Many of them purchased the products right after on-site communication.

Even Mr. Songxian Lv , the famous actor whom was role-played as Ling Hu Chong in the in TVB’s TV series The Legendary Swordsman, once again came to DIVEVOLK’s booth and bought a set of SeaTouch 3 Pro for his next dive.

This time the SeaTouch 3 Pro housing is the best seller of DIVEVOLK! Hope HK gets better, we will see you next year!